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Who Are The Tequila Sisters

TVGN premiered their new reality series Tequila Sisters tonight, followed by a special double episode.  So, who exactly are the Tequila Sisters?

Jen, Jackie, Catherine, and Lauren Marin are the daughters tequila importers Bill and Lori Marin.  The Marin family hails from California, and are a reality TV orgasm waiting to happen.  The Marin family could easily give the Kardashians a run for their money.  When they aren’t dealing with family drama, they are dealing with their own personal drama in their relationships.  They already have a potential Kim K. on their hands, in the premiere Lauren Marin decided to do a topless scene in a movie to help “further her acting career.”  Sound familiar?  Sure it’s no sex tape with Ray-J, but it is definitely the same mentality.

The next episode of Tequila Sisters is set to air on TVGN on Tuesday, December 16th.   


One thought on “Who Are The Tequila Sisters

  1. Who gives a rats ass about them, the only good thing is that they are NOT the Kardasians but they’re getting there, of course the producers and the other people doing the show hope they are, after all it seems everyone love a train wreck, plane crash or holocaust with horribly mangled corpses.

    Posted by K Le Blanc | January 12, 2014, 6:56 pm

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